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The First Post Of Kamisoro;; Welcome

Welcome to kamisoro 
What does kamisoro mean? -Razor Sharp Photos

Welcome to the start of kamisoro , a graphics community that is currently only being run by 2 girls at the moment. If you're interested in becoming apart of our team please don't hesistate to comment or messages us. We'll be posting graphics as much as possible as well as tuitorials on how we work and what we work with. We love what we do and promise to keep this community up for as long as possible. The graphics are from all over and we do credit those who's brushes, textures and images we use. Please if you see us using your work with no credit-- TELL US! We will correct the problem.
Meet The Group
razorace : Your average nineteen year old girl with a very big fandom for multiple crack pairings from as many fandoms as possible. She uses Photoshop CS3 and her favorite anime is Revolutionary Girl Utena. She swings and designs to Jrock  and Metal, always looking for new music and the latest in science fiction literature.

peachysantiago : The rabid 21 year old fangirl who has a soft spot for most cannon pairings as well as some not-so common couples. She uses Photoshop CS3 and her favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion. She has a crazy mix-match music that she jams out to and splits her time between graphics and school but her school will always remain number one.


Everybody has rules and so do we here at kamisoro  so please do follow them as much as possible. They're nothing big so don't worry about breaking any.

1. Please Always Credit Us Here @
kamisoro . You can either credit the member indivisually or the graphics community.
2. Please if you like us! Watch us! Our membership is open for now-- but it is subject to close soon and we would love to have as many watchers as others do. We love to here your feedback and occasionally do requests.
3. When a graphic's designer sets up a request form, please don't be greedy and listen to their rules. They're working they're harder than every just for your request.
4. Do not spam us! Do not spam us with your drama or obsceneties! We do not want to hear it


Peter & Claire Kamisoro
Kamisoro Graphics

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